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UniFi failing to adopt

  1. Disable firewall and antivirus
  2. Check that UAP is discovered in the discovery tool and/or the UniFi controller.
  3. Failing this, check that UAP has an IP address from the router DHCP list or using Advanced IP scanner:
  4. Ping the UAP, and if respone received then SSH into the device.
    1. PC use PuTTY (
    2. Mac use Terminal command ssh -l (USERNAME) (IP ADDRESS)
  5. Username is the controller credentials (default is ubnt and IP address


ssh -l ubnt
  1. Accept the certificate
  2. Set the inform URL

set-inform https://ip-of-controller:8080/inform

  1. Enter the set-inform command multiple times.
  2. Adopt the UAP in the UniFi controller.
  3. Failing this do a factory reboot and adopt the UAP in the controller restore-default


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