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Intel Kabylake CPU Processors and Windows 7 64-bits OS

Brief Description
Previously, Intel already announced that it will stop its support for Windows 7 32/64-bits OS for 7th & 8th Gen Intel Chipsets.The 7th & 8th Gen Intel Chipsets will only support Windows 10 64-bits OS.Thus, there were still some other customer wants to integrate a Windows 7/8.1 OS into a 7th & 8th Gen Intel Chipsets, due to their needs and requirements.However, there are some workarounds that could make the 7th Gen Intel Chipsets work with Windows 7 64-bits OS (ONLY). Especially, for the Intel HD Graphics Driver.
As Windows 7 64-bits OS does not have a USB Driver for Intel Skylake/Kabylake. Customer needs to add the USB Driver first into their Windows 7 64-bits OS ISO.Then customer needs to download the Intel Graphics Driver Please note that this Intel Driver Version is not available from the Intel Download Center.Unzipped the Intel Graphics Driver and find the igdlh64.inf file.Go to the Device Manager and open the ‘Properties’ of the Display Adapters. Then take note of the Hardware ID of the Intel Graphics Driver. For example, Intel i7-770 CPU Processor had an Intel HD Graphics 630 and it’s Hardware ID is ‘5912’ or Intel i7-7200 had an Intel HD Graphics 620 with Hardware ID ‘5916’.Now open the igdlh64.inf file as notepad then locate the ‘Windows 7 Install – DT Only’ information.Add ‘%iKBLDTGT2%     = iSKLD_w7, PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_5912’ at the bottom.Then save the igdlh64.inf file.Then install the modified win64_154519.4678 Intel Graphics Driver by executing the setup.exe.Please note that during the installation, a warning window that states ‘Windows can’t verify the publisher of this driver software’. Just select ‘Install this driver software anyway’.After the installation is complete, reboot your system.Customer can also check this YouTube link:
The Graphics Driver Version ‘’ was already deleted by Intel from their website.Customer can only download this driver version from other links.Customer can ONLY use this specific Intel Graphics Driver, because the current/latest driver have different igdlh64.inf file.Other Intel Kabylake CPU Processors have different Intel HD Graphics Controllers. And these Intel HD Graphics Controllers have different HW ID.With igdlh64.inf file was modified, IEI cannot guarantee that all functions from the Graphics Controller will work efficiently.There may be some profound issues that might occur and IEI is not liable for this issues.The 7th & 8th Gen Intel Chipsets will only support Windows 10 64-bits OS.

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