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How to remove a large number of Tap adaptors

  • Download OpenVPN:
  • Uncheck all the boxes except the TAP Adapter utility and install.
  • Open your Notepad with admin privileges and open the file C:\Program Files\TAP-Windows\bin\deltapall.bat
  • Replace “remove tap0901” for “remove tapoas”
  • Save the script in the same folder with the name ‘deltapall2.bat’ (or any name you would like to give to it, doesn’t matter, as long the extension is bat)
  • Open your command prompt with admin privileges.
  • cd “c:\program files\tap-windows\bin”
  • deltapall and wait for it finish
  • deltapall2 and wait for it to finish
  • Go to your Devices Manager and you will see that all TAP adapters are removed.
  • Restart your PC and you are ready to go!

To prevent a KMS tool to install these TAP adapters again and again and again, go to the Task Scheduler and disable or delete all of the KMS tasks that were created. Though the KMS tool service may create those tasks all over again! So yeah… there is nothing to do about that. If you are using a KMS tool, I would recommend you to stop using these activators and just support the developers of the software you are using by buying a license! You would avoid all this confusion.

Finally, be advised that if you actually use VPN, you will probably be unable to access it without a TAP Adapter. So if you use VPN you may want to keep your VPN adapter, if it is a TAP adapter, reinstall it running your VPN’s install software, or the OpenVPN’s one, or using the ‘addtap’ script included in the same folder as the ‘deltapall’.


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