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Fixing Outlook email “Arranged by:Date” ordering when using Google Apps account after uploading a pst

The problem is that Google apps and Outlook don’t really like eachother – it’s a Google vs Microsoft thing!

To fix this you need to change the visible fields from having “received” to “sent” (as Outlook received all of your imported emails at the same time!”) Simply right click Arranged by:Date, select View Settings -> Columns and then click on Received in the right column. Click “<- Remove” and then in the left column scroll down to sent and then click on “Add ->”. Then click OK and OK and the folder view is fixed!

You will then need to do this to every folder!  Easy way to do this is to use the  “Apply Current View to Other Mail Folders” feature which allows you to copy the view of a folder to another folder without needing to make a view template first.You can access this feature via;

tab View-> button Change View-> Apply Current View to Other Mail Folders…

You might also want to fix the Sent folder, as Outlook treats it like all the other folders, so using the method above remove “From” and add “To” to get the more familiar view of te sent folder.


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